Literacy Tutor Training

Become a Volunteer Literacy Tutor

Step 1: Watch the videos below and submit the Request Volunteer Info Form.

Learn about the origins and evolution of our language:

Learn why English often has confusing spelling:

The English language easily assimilates words and spellings from languages all over the world. Knowing about English language history and why we say and spell words the way we do, can help tutors to break down some of the intimidating parts of English to make the language more accessible to learners.

Step 2: Click here to download and return the Volunteer Sign-up Form. You can submit this form in person, or by emailing it to the Program Director at

Step 3: Attend the introductory tutor training session. This training is 2 hours long. It covers an overview of The Literacy Center and the various types of volunteer roles, an overview of the types of learners we assist, and materials and resources. Training sessions occur every month. To register, email Rachel Gregory, Program Director, with your intent to attend. To see when the next volunteer tutor training is scheduled, please consult our events calendar.

Step 4: Follow up with our Program Director to select volunteer role and schedule observations if needed.

Step 5: Attend various professional opportunities.  We typically offer a variety of professional and social opportunities throughout the year.  Please consult our events calendar for information regarding upcoming trainings.


Become a Partnership for Literacy Rehabilitation (PLR) Literacy Tutor (at the jail)

Step 1: Complete steps 1-4 above to become a Volunteer Literacy Tutor. When you register for the initial training, be sure to state your interest in being involved with the PLR program. The Program Director will contact you with more information about training dates and other relevant information.

Step 2: Read the Coconino County Jail Facilitator Handbook (below) and submit a Coconino County Jail Volunteer Clearance Application (below) to Jim Bret at (928) 226-5211 or If you have specific questions about the Coconino County Detention Facility policies and protocols, please contact Jim Bret at (928) 226-5211 or

Coconino County Jail Facilitator Handbook Coconino County Jail Volunteer Clearance Application

Step 3: Volunteers interested in working in the Coconino County Detention Facility (jail) must attend an on-site jail orientation in addition to completing TLC training specific to our PLR program. These two trainings can occur in any order. For upcoming days and times, please consult our events calendar. During the TLC training specific to our PLR program, you will learn about jail policies about working with incarcerated learners. You’ll also go over the jail curriculum in detail and learn about the nuances of balancing employment literacy, basic literacy, and poetry/creative writing lessons, to prepare learners for employment and life after release from detention.

Step 4: Complete at least one observation of an existing jail class. You must be approved to enter the jail and have already attended the mandatory jail orientation to schedule this observation. Your observation should be followed by a brief reflection which you submit to the Program Director.


Additional Training and Resources

• The Literacy Center has training sessions for volunteers who are interested in conducting initial learner assessments and progress assessments for ongoing learners. We also have periodic professional development offerings for our literacy tutor volunteers. In addition, staff will provide individualized support and training sessions as necessary for specific programs.

• LITSTART: Strategies for Adult Literacy and ESL Tutors. This is an excellent book for Adult Literacy and ESL tutors. We have copies available to check out from our library, or you can purchase your own on Amazon.

• Online Training via ProLiteracy at This website has tons of free courses available for instructors, from general instruction to citizenship and more.


Please contact our Program Director, Rachel Gregory, at (928) 556-0313 or for more information about all of our literacy volunteer tutor opportunities and training.