Teaching Resources

General Websites

English Only Thematic Vocabulary: This site has several different thematic categories. Each category has vocabulary presented in sentence form and picture form and a practice section that requires typing in the correct word for each picture.

Longman Online DictionaryThis is a wonderful dictionary that gives real-world definitions, example sentences, and shows the many ways to use a particular word.

Image Search: Google Image searches can help provide visual clarification for words that are difficult to explain. Images can also be found on Google’s main search page after searching for a word or subject, my clicking “Images” at the top of the page, under the search bar.

Online Typing Lessons: TypingWeb is a free online typing tutor & keyboarding tutorial for typists of all skill levels. TypingWeb includes entertaining typing games, typing tests, and free official typing certification. To access the lessons, click “Typing Lessons,” in the yellow box. Students may sign up for free, if they would like to track their progress.

Citizenship:  This is the official U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services site. It has the most current study materials for the naturalization test.

Spanish-English Cognates: This site has a list of English/Spanish cognates. These are very useful if your learner is a Spanish speaker, because these are words that they already use in Spanish that are similar to words we use in English. This helps students build vocabulary confidence.

Bilingual (Independent) Language Learning: This site is in English and Spanish and has beginning and intermediate level lessons that learners can do independently, as well as specific topics related to the Citizenship Test.


Websites that Link to Physical Resources at The Literacy Center


Websites with Activities for Advanced Language Learners

Minimal Pairs are two words that differ in only one sound (a phoneme), such as hit and hid.

This site has free, 13-Page, Ready-to-Print EFL/ESL Lesson Plans on Current Events.

The site has free GED practice tests.

This site has advanced grammar and vocabulary exercises


Additional Websites with Teaching Resources

ProLiteracy Network“You work hard to provide the best possible instruction to the learners you work with, but don’t neglect your own professional development needs. The following courses were designed to support adult educators from professional teachers to volunteer tutors, from pre-service instructors who have yet to begin working with adult learners to experienced instructional staff looking for new ideas. Want to learn more about research-based reading instruction? What it’s like to work at an adult literacy program? How to support learning gains in your students? How to adapt activities for English language learners? Whether you’re looking to complete professional development hours or just looking for new ideas, the courses below are all self-paced and free for you!”

National Adult Literacy Agency (NALA), Tutor’s CornerThis website from Ireland provides tips and lessons that are specifically written for individuals who are teaching adult learners. Subjects include basic reading, writing, spelling, and math. The site also has information about family literacy, integrating literacy, and workplace basic education.

English Lesson PlansThis site has ready-made lesson plans for beginner, intermediate, and advanced level learners dealing with grammar, writing, reading, vocabulary, multiple intelligences, pronunciation, conversation, and more.

Adult ESL Activities: This website is from the School of Continuing Education in Santa Ana. Clicking on the link brings you to a pdf that is printable for use with your learner(s) It has many activities for low level adult ESL students. There are activities for listening, peaking, reading, and writing.

ESL Links for Students and Their TeachersThis site has links for students and for teachers that deal with a variety of skills and topics, such as: culture, dialogs, dictionaries, games, grammar, idioms & slang, listening sites, podcasts, pronunciation practice, quizzes, reading, spelling, and vocabulary.

ManyThings.orgThis site has numerous fun audio-video interactive activities that a tutor can do with a learner. Types of categories: Vocabulary, Grammar, Sentence Patterns, Slang & Idioms, Pronunciation, Listening, Spelling, Tongue Twisters, and more.

Web English TeacherThis website is one used by many high school English teachers. On the left side are many types of links, such as: book reports, drama, ENL/ESL, grammar, journalism, just for fun, literature, media, mythology, poetry, reading/literacy, speech, vocabulary, writing, etc. Some are links for tutor reading to improve their knowledge base and others are links for learner resources and lesson plans.